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Suzhou Rong Bao Sheng City Construction Co., Ltd. is a research and development design , bridge construction , large transportation equipment sales and leasing as one of the innovative companies , was established in November 2012 . Suzhou Special Vehicles Co., Ltd. as its exclusive agent generous R & D manufacturing enterprises, Zhengzhou City Industrial Co., Ltd. for its generous under construction enterprises.

First, the company's main business :

1 , equipment sales :

Large transport and heavy mobile equipment : SPMT hydraulic power module trucks, auxiliary power module car , C -type hydraulic power module trucks, hydraulic power flatbed, gantry crane .

Road and bridge construction equipment: bridge machine, beam carrier , wheel-rail type Gantry Crane , Wheel Gantry Crane , bridge-building , mobile mold, pressure machine

Container lifting equipment : container straddle carriers , RTG, wheel-rail gantry .

Other equipment: two rail cars

2 , equipment leasing : SPMT hydraulic power module trucks, auxiliary power module trucks, flatbed shipyard with hydraulic power

3 , bridge construction and demolition project cooperation

4 , large transport , heavy moving , lifting and sliding , weighing modules and other projects of cooperation

Second, the company advantages:

1 , the company has an excellent and innovative team of experts to provide customers with professional technical consulting and engineering design .

General Manager Xu Dongkun , is enjoying government allowances of experts, excellent project managers nationwide construction company, has twenty years of management experience in large and bridge construction, a former Railway 15th Bureau Group Chairman .

Chief Engineer Guan Xinyu , a management and technical personnel with experience in world-class transportation company , with senior international engineering design and construction experience . Former Ma Mute Chinese heavy equipment transportation and installation , Deputy General Manager , responsible for project bidding and management, program design and implementation, technical support, market development, cost analysis, as the Beijing Bird's Nest stadium has hosted lifting, Australia Gorgon project Saudi Arabia and other construction projects at home and abroad RTIP large-scale projects .

Expert Wang Yongzhong ,is consultant for my company, the national engineering design master , former Transportation Planning Survey and Design Institute of Henan Province , employed an honorary member of the Royal Institution of Highways . Wang is one of the pioneers in China with prestressed concrete engineering technology, large-diameter bored piles technology for high-performance high-strength concrete , prestressed concrete structure ductility study prestressed concrete bridge with corrugated steel webs studies , polylines prestressed reinforcement pre-tensioned concrete beam research has made more prominent achievements , has won the title of the king of Chinese engineering design masters , Chinese experts with outstanding contributions outstanding .

2, the company has abundant funds , can provide financial support and equipment support.

3 , we have two strong and professional company to provide customers with professional, high -quality products and services.

Generous Industrial Co., Ltd. , Zhengzhou, founded in 1996 , is a professional specialty bridge construction lifting equipment company . The existing staff of 400 people, with all kinds of erecting machine , beam carrier , gantry crane over one hundred sets of business throughout the country . Company holds special engineering contractor qualifications , special equipment manufacturing , installation, alteration, repair license qualification , and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Company to undertake high-speed rail , conventional rail, urban rail transit , highway , municipal , ports and other prefabricated bridge components , transportation, hoisting construction and industrial projects large transport and other services. To provide customers with all kinds of bridging machine , gantry crane engineering , leasing and sales of power flatbed truck . Due to changes in the use of special equipment adapted to site conditions and location requirements , provide installation , alteration, repair services.

Suzhou Co., Ltd. is a generous vehicles to develop special construction machinery and equipment based professional company . The company is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Hi-tech Zone Xuguan registered capital of 111 million yuan , with modern production plant 3.5 million square meters and 2.6 million square meters of commissioning and assembly site , office and R & D building construction area of ??1.5 million square meters , engineering and technical personnel more than 120 people, including 28 senior technical staff , mid-level technical personnel 59 people , is a national high-tech enterprises with independent intellectual property .

Have been completed involving highway, railway , water diversion project , magnetic levitation high-speed train project , tunnel engineering, research shipyard , harbor construction and other fields of equipment, all products have independent intellectual property rights , and access to a number of national patents, a number of studies to fill the gap , which SPMT hydraulic Power module for 863 national support , research product conversion rate of 80% , superior product quality to meet provincial and departmental standards by experts and users of praise .

Quality control system : In the product development process , in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance system for quality control, including design control , production processes ( including assessment and quality control outsourcing and sub- contractors ) control , sales and service control . Special structures and institutions , the establishment of a dedicated quality control team , while developing special process and procedure qualification standards to ensure the quality of the final product assembly .

4, the company 's core values ??: Stick to business activities in honesty and integrity , we trust and respect for the individual , we focus on meaningful innovation, we rely on teamwork to achieve common goals.

Business development of the company to market demand as the goal, we always put the customer as our partner , we will be scientific management , professional technical team and the strength of the construction team , a strong, honest and trustworthy business principles for the customers provide inexpensive high quality products and services, and new services can be undertaken at any time according to the user 's needs.

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